Emulsion Products

BCI Materials is a proud producer of high-quality, award-winning emulsion products designed to meet the needs of our valued customers.

We produce a range of emulsion products suitable for interstate roadways, commercial parking lots, and all manner of projects between. Our selection of conventional and specialty cationic asphalt emulsion grades includes an array of specifically formulated products, designed to fill the broad range of services and applications demanded by our customers.

We incorporate emulsion formulation and design techniques with our innovative production process to yield superior quality emulsions which meet or exceed all specifications compliance criteria set forth by the agency or agencies overseeing any of our customers’ projects.

Pavement Preservation and Repair Techniques

Pavement preservation succeeds when you select the right treatment for the right road at the right time.

Fog Seal

The application of an emulsion typically reduced with water to a 1:1 ratio to refresh an existing pavement surface,
or applied on top of a chip seal surface treatment. For existing pavement surfaces, it can be performed at 85% to 95%
of pavement condition.


A quality rejuvenating pavement sealer like GSB-88® can not only reseal the pavement surface, but also rejuvenate the existing asphalt surface to help reverse the effects of oxidation. Perform this surface treatment at 80% to 95% of pavement condition.


A surface application of emulsion (latex modified emulsion is best), followed directly by the application of aggregate “chips” and then rolled to seat and align the aggregate into a new higher friction wearing surface. Best when performed above 70% of pavement condition where surface cracking is minimal.


An environmentally friendly cost effective cold mix system that creates a new stable and skid resistant surface that is resistant to rutting and shoving, and works great for wheel path rut filling (rut depth not exceeding 1.5 inches) prior to full width overlay. Perform micro surfacing at 60% to 75% of pavement condition where surface cracking is minimal to somewhat moderate.


A thin lift overlay of 4.75 mm hot mix asphalt placed over a prepared surface after rut filling, micro milling or crack filling operations. Performed at 60% to 75% of pavement condition.


A combination of two techniques, chip seal followed by micro surfacing, this treatment is effective for road surfaces with minimal to moderate surface cracking. Apply cape seals at 55% to 75% of pavement condition after full depth patching of any areas exhibiting questionable pavement distress.


Cost effective and environmentally friendly project site recycling of the full pavement section and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials to yield a stabilized base course ready for new wearing course pavement. Use when pavement condition is poor and in need of major reconstruction.


Innovative engineered base material that contains recycled materials and is a flexible pavement structure as compared to rigid cement treated base (CTB) structures. RECYFLEX® also has a higher structural number than traditional 25mm Superpave base courses, yielding savings in new HMA costs in heavy structure roadway reconstruction and new roadway construction projects.

Conventional Emulsions

BCI Materials produces a range of emulsion designs commonly used in asphalt paving projects.

Specialty Emulsions

BCI Materials also produces specialty emulsion mixes to address project-specific needs like “green” standards, trackless surfaces, and others.

Industry Awards

Our focus on quality has resulted in BCI Materials receiving numerous awards from our industry’s most discerning agencies.