The Way We Work

BCI Materials is guided by a set of core principles, which inform every decision the company makes.

The core principles below are integral to our company practices. They are the same core principles shared by the 400 business units and commercial entities that form the Eurovia global network of companies. Each national, regional, and local entity within this network retains its commercial and operational autonomy. This corporate structure allows BCI Materials to be responsive to the needs of our local customers, while also benefiting from a vast depth of resources.

 These key principles influence every part of BCI Materials’ approach to business to guarantee overall performance and profitability:

At BCI Materials, our number one priority is safety. No other component of our operations is more important than keeping our employees, subcontractors, and community partners safe. To this end, we adhere strictly to the following motto: Safety is never sacrificed for the sake of production or profit.

Every member of the BCI Materials team strives to achieve our company’s Zero Accidents Vision. This goal contributes to our industry-leading culture of safety that supports accident prevention as a way of life.

Since day one, our approach to business has focused on quality and delivering the best product on the market. To this end, BCI Materials gained accreditation of its emulsion testing laboratory from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in 2020. The accreditation, combined with partnerships with other industry agencies, ensures that BCI Materials exceeds the highest national quality standards within our industry. Every emulsions product order that we fill carries with it our commitment to giving our clients the absolute best quality product available on the market.

Research & Development is one of the pillars of BCI Materials’ business strategy and an inseparable component of our mission to produce the highest-quality products on the market. Our quest for constant improvement demands that we find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our customers on the job. Our global organization includes research and design institutes in Montreal, Canada and Bordeaux, France which give BCI Materials access to the latest industry developments including eco-friendly mix designs. As a result, our emulsion products exceed certification standards throughout the world to meet the needs of our global customers.