BCI Materials is the premier emulsion producer in North Carolina. Our state-of-the-art emulsion manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina. BCI Materials has long been a pioneer in the use of new and innovative processes for the maintenance of agency roadways. Our primary services include pavement preservation options such as Micro Surfacing, Full-Depth Reclamation, Cold In-Place Recycling, and Chip Seal surface treatments, thereby positioning our company as a leader in the rapidly growing pavement preservation market.

We assist our clients in meeting their pavement maintenance and preservation challenges with a commitment to the highest quality, value & innovation in road maintenance and construction. We understand that nothing is more critical to the economic survival of Municipal and Government agencies than the effective maintenance and repair of your largest asset: your transportation infrastructure. We also know that budgetary constraints demand that you find the best value and materials to produce the longest service life at the lowest life cycle costs. With so much riding on the management of your local roadways, doesn´t it make sense to work with a company that has been in business since 1920, and has a long tradition of quality work, expertise and competitive pricing through constant innovation of emulsion technology and significant local resources?

There may be no better time than now to explore these economical maintenance solutions for your pavements. Since these techniques tend to require fewer natural resources and/or promote the use of road recycling and reclamation, they provide both economic and environmental benefits to the end user. Please let us assist you with finding the right product to address your roadway needs to ensure that you receive the best value possible for your taxpayers. We can also assist you with the development of specifications and documents for future projects.


Core Values provide the centering point for each individual in an organization. BCI Material's six core values help us focus on areas that are essential for any organization: its finances, its customers, its operational processes, and its employees. Within each core value, operating groups develop and apply more specific principles which shape the behavior of each team to promote consistency and alignment. This alignment and consistency of our entire team enables us to perform better, exceed our goals, constantly improve, and give us a competitive advantage on the industry and for our customers.


We listen, understand and meet the needs of our external and internal customers.


We strive for win-win solutions in everything we do.


We make sure ideas come from all corners of our organization.


We will have the best processes and will continuously improve and document them.


We believe in our people and will empower them to do their job.


We insist on having superior communications and interactions.


Our Mission is to provide our customers with the most cost-effective pavement and roadway management tools using the best materials, the newest techniques, and having the most capable and committed workforce to provide these products and services.

Our Vision is to ALWAYS provide the right treatment, for the right roads, at the right time. To maximize our customer’s investment and the quality of their roads.